MAT 122, Fall 2011: Intro to Calculus, with Applications

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Course Schedule

Week 1
Tue8/30Introduction; 1.1: Functions. Handout.1.1
Thu9/11.2: Linear Functions. Handout.1.2Please submit Intro Questionnaire.
Week 2
Tue9/61.3: Average Rate of Change. Handout.1.3
Thu9/81.5: Exponential Functions. Handout.1.5Homework #1 due, noon.
Week 3
Mon9/12Add deadline, 4 pm.
Tue9/131.6, 1.7: Logarithms; Exponential Growth and Decay. Handout.1.6, 1.7
Thu9/151.8: Shifting, Scaling, and Composite Functions. Handout.1.8Homework #2 due, noon.
Week 4
Tue9/201.9: Power and Polynomial Functions. Handout.1.9
Thu9/222.1: Instantaneous Rate of Change. Handout.2.1Homework #3 due, noon.
Week 5
Mon9/26Midterm #1, 8:30–10 pm.
Tue9/272.2: The Derivative Function. Handout.2.2
Thu9/29No class: Rosh Hashanah.
Week 6
Tue10/42.3, 2.4: Interpretation of Derivative; Second Derivative. Handout.2.3, 2.4
Thu10/63.1: Derivative Formulas for Powers and Polynomials. Handouts (blank · with graphs)3.1Homework #4 due, noon.
Week 7
Tue10/113.2: Derivatives for Exponentials and Logarithms. Handout.3.2
Thu10/133.3: The Chain Rule. Handout.3.3Homework #5 due, noon.
Week 8
Tue10/183.4: The Product Rule. Handout.3.4
Thu10/203.4: The Quotient Rule. Review of Chapter 3 Rules. Handout.3.4Homework #6 due, noon.
Fri10/21Drop down/move up deadline, 4 pm.
Week 9
Tue10/254.1: Local Minima and Maxima. Handout.4.1
Thu10/274.2: Inflection Points. Handout.4.2Homework #7 due, noon.
Fri10/28Drop deadline, 4 pm.
Week 10
Tue11/14.3: Global Minima and Maxima. Handout.4.3
Thu11/34.4: Application: Profit, Cost, and Revenue. Handout.4.4Homework #8 due, noon.
Week 11
Tue11/84.4, 5.1: Profit; Distance and Accumulated Change. Handout.5.1Midterm #2, 8:30–10 pm.
Thu11/105.1: Distance and Accumulated Change, Continued. Handout.5.1
Week 12
Tue11/155.2: The Definite Integral. Handout.5.2Homework #9 due, 5 pm.
Thu11/175.5: The Definite Integral. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Handout.5.2, 5.5
Week 13
Tue11/227.1, 7.3: Antiderivatives and Definite Integrals. Handout.7.1, 7.3Homework #10 due, 5 pm.
Thu11/24No class: Thanksgiving Break.
Week 14
Tue11/295.3: The Definite Integral as Area. Handout.5.3
Thu12/16.1: Average Value. Handout.6.1Homework #11 due, noon.
Week 15
Tue12/6Review for Final.
Thu12/8Review for Final.Homework #12 due, noon.
Week 16
Thu12/15Final Exam, 8:00–10:45 am.

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