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Student Research Colloquium

For 2009–10, Dean Baskin and I co-organized the Student Research Colloquium. This was a weekly lunchtime seminar intended to give advanced graduate students an opportunity to present their research to a general mathematical audience.

The Faculty Areas of Research Seminar Series

In 2006–07, I organized the Faculty Areas of Research Seminar series. Announcements for past talks can be found here.

Math 210B handouts

TeXed versions of Prof. Brumfiel's Word handouts for Math 210B, Win 2006, now updated for Win 2008, are available here.

Math 283 Win 2008 lecture notes

TeXed versions of lecture notes from Prof. Ralph Cohen's topics class on Topological Quantum Field Theories (Math 283, Win 2008) are available here.

Math 395 Spr 2009 resources

Resources and paper assignments for the Spring 2009 Classics Seminar in Topology are available here.

LaTeX Development

While at Harvey Mudd, I developed a LaTeX class to help those writing problem sets in TeX to conform to some basic stylistic standards. The class (along with a template document, a sample usage document, and a brief FAQ) is available here, or from the HMC Mathematics Department website here.

Also currently under development are LaTeX packages to produce weekly schedules like this one and to format resumes and CVs.


Minor utilities and scripts:

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