MAT 303, Spring 2013: Calculus IV with Applications

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Course Schedule

Week 1
Mon1/28Introduction; 1.1: Differential Equations and Mathematical Models.1.1
Wed1/301.2, 1.4: Integrals as Solutions to DEs. Separable Equations.1.2, 1.4
Fri2/11.4: Separable Equations, continued.1.4
Week 2
Mon2/41.3: Slope Fields and Solution Curves. Handout. Mathematica notebook, as PDF.1.3
Wed2/61.3, 1.5: Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions. Linear First-Order Equations.1.5Homework #1 due, 4 pm.
Fri2/81.5: Linear First-Order Equations, continued.Add deadline, 4 pm.
Week 3
Mon2/11Lecture cancelled on account of blizzard.
Wed2/131.6: Substitution Methods.1.6Homework #2 due, 4 pm.
Fri2/151.6: Substitution Methods and Exact Equations, continued.
Week 4
Mon2/182.1, 2.2: Population Models. Equilibrium Solutions and Stability.2.1, 2.2
Wed2/202.2: Equilibrium Solutions and Stability, continued.Homework #3 due, 4 pm.
Fri2/222.3: Velocity Models.2.3
Week 5
Mon2/252.3, 2.4: Velocity Models, continued. Numerical Approximations: Euler’s Method.2.4
Wed2/272.4: Euler’s Method, continued. Mathematica notebook, as PDF.3.1Homework #4 due, 4 pm.
Fri3/13.1: Second-Order Linear Equations.
Week 6
Mon3/43.1, 3.2: Second-Order Linear Equations. General Solutions of Linear Equations.3.2
Wed3/6In-class Midterm: Sections 1.1–1.6, 2.1–2.3.Midterm #1, 10:00–10:53 am.
Fri3/83.2: General Solutions of Linear Equations, continued.Homework #5 due, 4 pm.
Week 7
Mon3/113.3: Homogeneous Equations with Constant Coefficients.3.3
Wed3/133.3, 3.4: Homogeneous Equations with Constant Coefficients, ctd. Vibrations.3.4
Fri3/153.4: Mechanical Vibrations, continued.Homework #6 due, 2 pm.
Spring Break!
Week 8
Mon3/253.5: Nonhomogeneous Equations and Undetermined Coefficients.3.5
Wed3/273.5: Undetermined Coefficients, continued. Variation of Parameters.Homework #7 due, 4 pm.
Fri3/293.6: Forced Oscillations and Resonance.3.6
Week 9
Mon4/13.6, 4.1: Forced Oscillations, continued. First-Order Systems.4.1
Wed4/34.1, 5.1: First-Order Systems. Matrices and Linear Systems.5.1Homework #8 due, 4 pm.
Fri4/55.1: Matrices and Linear Systems.Drop deadline, 4 pm.
Week 10
Mon4/85.1, 5.2: Linear Systems, continued. Eigenvalues.5.2
Wed4/105.2: The Eigenvalue Method for Homogeneous Systems.Homework #9 due, 4 pm.
Fri4/12In-class Midterm: Chapter 3.Midterm #2, 10:00–10:53 am.
Week 11
Mon4/155.2, 5.4: Eigenvalues, continued. Multiple Eigenvalues.5.4
Wed4/175.4: Multiple Eigenvalue Solutions, continued.Homework #10 due, 4 pm.
Fri4/195.5: Matrix Exponentials and Linear Systems.5.5
Week 12
Mon4/225.5: Matrix Exponentials, continued.
Wed4/245.6: Nonhomogeneous Linear Systems.5.6Homework #11 due, 4 pm.
Fri4/265.6, 6.1: Nonhomogeneous Linear Systems, continued. Stability and the Phase Plane.6.1
Week 13
Mon4/296.1: Stability, continued. Handout. Mathematica notebook, as PDF.
Wed5/16.2: Linear and Almost Linear Systems. Handout.6.2Homework #12 due, 4 pm.
Fri5/36.2, 6.3: Almost Linear Systems, continued. Ecological Models: Predators and Competitors.6.3
Week 14
Mon5/66.3: Predators and Competitors, continued.
Wed5/8Review for Final.Homework #13 due, 4 pm.
Fri5/10Review for Final.
Week 15
Week 16
Tue5/21Final Exam, 8:00–10:45 am.

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